Portland Police Chief James Craig Poses with his Z06 Corvette

Portland Police Chief James Craig poses with “The Beast”, his new 2007 Z06 Corvette

When asked where Chief James Craig wanted to have his picture taken for a newspaper article reviewing his first year on the beat here in Portland, Maine, he knew exactly where. Within minutes he and the photographer were in place at Portland Motor Club.

Chief Craig knew that he wanted to show off his new-t0-him handsome 2007 silver Z06 Corvette at Portland Motor Club where “The Beast” lives when it’s not out on the road driving the speed limit under the control of its master.

You can click through below to the actual article which is much more about his great service in our community and challenges he has and is facing as well as his unwavering dedication to keeping young people involved with positive things and working with at-risk youth. But next to his work and family, his love of cars is way up on the list. We’re thrilled to have him and his passion for cars at Portland Motor Club.

Please click here to read the article in the Portland Press Herald… http://www.pressherald.com/news/big-city-experience-paying-off-_2010-05-04.html. And thanks to the Portland Press Herald for granting permission to share this very cool photo of the Chief by staff photographer John Patriquin.

We are so very lucky to have such a great Police Chief in James Craig as well as an active member at Portland Motor Club. We are hoping to work on a car-related project with his department to do something exciting with youth locally and statewide.