1937 Lasalle Convertible Roadster for Sale

1937 LaSalle Roadster Convertible

1937 LaSalle Roadster Convertible

Thought we’d put these vehicle out there into the wild to see if either one of these great cars strikes your fancy. Things are pretty well packed at the Portland Motor Club this winter so you’d be doing us the favor of making more room while doing our customers the favor of buying their vehicles that are for sale while doing yourself the favor of buying a great classic convertible for your warmer weather enjoyment! That’s a triple favor, if you’re counting.

If you want to know more about these vehicles, please contact Portland Motor Club Membership Director & Sales Manager Kal Rogers directly at 207-233-9970. He can help answer questions and can put you directly in touch with the owners with reasonable offers.


MUSEUM QUALITY . Perfect Running Condition . 77,000 miles . Three owners
Working original heater/defroster/radio . Rumble seat & trunk
Asking $105,000

The condition of this LaSalle is MUSEUM QUALITY inside and out