WGME’s “Thursday’s Child” Adoption Promotion Program visits Portland Motor Club

Jonathan is a young man eager to find a forever family that will help him to have a place to really call “home” and to help him to achieve his goals in life. He is very passionate about cars and muscle cars, in particular, so on a Spring day in Portland, the “A Family For ME” Thursday’s Child program, in collaboration with WGME TV13, visited the Portland Motor Club, a new climate-controlled and secure storage facility dedicated to car enthusiasts of all stripes and their car storage needs.

Jonathan was able to meet and visit with owner Bill Waldron and tour the facility seeing the coolest muscle cars that he had only ever seen in magazines or as scale models. Someday, Jonathan hopes to be able to work on cars like these and especially hopes to find a family that supports him in his enthusiasm for fine driving machines.

Click on the following link to see a video of his visit to Portland Motor Club:


We at Portland Motor Club are very pleased to be doing business very safely and respectfully during this time of COVID-19.

Please be in touch with us for your vehicle storage needs. Thank you.