2013 Maine Car Show & Cruise-Ins Updated

Just a heads up that our comprehensive calendars listing 2013 Maine car shows and cruise-ins have been painstakingly updated for your automotive pleasure!

It might not seem like that big a deal but there are often a lot of discrepancies and confusions from year to year that have to be researched with a phone call or an email. We try to research as many resources as we can to get the most complete list we can compile for you. It actually takes several days to get it even close to right! It’s one stop car show shopping at


We do take pride in making this as complete as we can but we do need your help. PLEASE send us an email to info@portlandmotorclub.com if you find any errors (and I’m sure there are some and if we knew what they were, we’d change ’em!) or additional info we can include, please let us know. We can only put some many details in a listing but it wouldn’t hurt to send more info if you have it.

Have a great driving season!

Your friends at Portland Motor Club

Here's our indoor "car show", by the way — our winter storage was at capacity!

Here’s our indoor “car show”, by the way — our winter storage was at capacity!