2021 Toys for Tots Car Show Labor Day Sep 6 at Portland Motor Club

Things will be a bit different this year (2021) with the Toys for Tots car show because the group that has organized this show for perhaps 20 or so years (first Auburn, then Windham, then Portland Motor Club) are moving the show at least for this year to Hodgman’s Frozen Custard Stand and beautiful grounds and they are doing the show on Saturday, AUG 14.

There was some question on our (PMC’s) part whether we could do the show this year so the show organizers went ahead and moved it at least for this year. Ultimately we decided that we could and should do the show since we have been advertising it for months and because the event is a bit of an institution and because we wanted to support the Toys for Tots effort too.

So the good news is that there are now two shows to support Toys for Tots: the originators’ show in New Gloucester on AUG 14 from 9AM to 2PM with various treats available: coffee & donuts early and then lunch and Hodgman’s famous frozen custard; and then our 13th show at Portland Motor Club on Labor Day from 10AM to 1PM with a 50/50 and grilled lunch food available. Hopefully the Marines will be on hand for both events. If you have to pick between the shows, please pay homage to the many years of effort by the original organizers and bring your toys to Hodgmans. If Labor Day works better or if you want to go to both shows, certainly please come see ours on Labor Day.

Let’s celebrate that we have two Toys for Tots shows this year and an additional car show to enjoy!!!