Professional Heated Car Storage Rates


Membership is our year-round storage service with access during our Maine “driving season”. In the winter we go into strictly climate-controlled storage mode and we all count the days, weeks and months until the roads are finally cleared in the Spring and we can release the four-wheeled hounds once again! The annual fee for this service is $3500 for membership with seasonal driving access and winter storage. Special rates may apply for storage of multiple vehicles. Seasonal and winter storage IS available. Please contact Portland Motor Club for current storage rates. See contact information below.

And we can usually accommodate alternative versions of our storage program for summer visitors who may take their car south with them in the fall. We can even work out something on a short term either for a temporary membership or simple storage. Higher monthly rates will apply.

Kal Rogers Manager & Membership Director

Kal Rogers
Manager & Membership Director

Seasonal Rates

You do not have to join as a member to be able to store your vehicle with Portland Motor Club for winter storage or any other time of year, for that matter. Membership entitles you to access of your vehicle and to use of our member lounge and amenities but that’s not necessary if you’re only putting your vehicle away for safe keeping. Also, we are glad to take in vehicles for you Snow Birders out there but we do have a 5-month minimum winter storage term.

Please contact our Membership Director/Manager, Kal Rogers, to discuss your interest in membership or storage. You can also call the office at 207-775-1770 to speak with him.