Membership: an Introductory Invitation

For a limited time, Portland Motor Club is pleased to extend a special membership value for its annual service with all included vehicle and member services. The cost is $2800 per year for the first year.

Special rates may apply for storage of larger collections.

Portland Motor Club does offer short-term rates for special occasions and events.

Kal Rogers Manager & Membership Director

Kal Rogers
Manager & Membership Director

Manager & Membership Director

Manager & Membership Director

You do not have to join as a member to be able to store your vehicle with Portland Motor Club for winter storage or any other time of year, for that matter. Membership entitles you to access of your vehicle and to use of our member lounge and amenities but that’s not necessary if you’re only putting your “fun” car away for a long or short winter’s nap. Also, we are glad to take in vehicles for the Snow Birders out there. We can store you care for weeks or months at a time.

Please contact our Facility Manager, Kal Rogers, to discuss your interest.

Contact Portland Motor Club for a rate sheet for auto care services.