The Winter 2010/11 “Collection” at Portland Motor Club

Nice to see what the cold and messy weather attracts to our fine storage facility each winter. It may look full — and the ground floor is — but there’s plenty of room on the mezzanine! Let us take professional care of your special vehicles with daily monitoring, trickle charging, special care requests, whatever it takes!

As much as Portland Motor Club is set up for year-round membership, we also provide seasonal and short-term storage — even when you’re going on vacation or on a business trip! Why not have us detail your car while you’re away at our truly outstanding auto reconditioning facility ( and pay only $10 per day for professional, heated storage. We’re only about 10 minutes from the airport so you can grab a cab or we might even be able to help get you over there and back (depending on availability and timing).

We’re here and happy to help you take care of your car — it’s what we do!

We at Portland Motor Club are very pleased to be doing business very safely and respectfully during this time of COVID-19.

Please be in touch with us for your vehicle storage needs. Thank you.