Portland Motor Club has expanded its professional vehicle storage offerings now to provide heated, secured, monitored INDOOR STORAGE for boats (on trailers), RVs of all sizes, campers and various other types of trailers. And we even have a new monitored, lit and fenced OUTDOOR STORAGE on our storage compound! We are your one-stop storage location for all things wheeled *.

Rates are fair and competitive for the Portland real estate market and super convenient for local easily accessible storage especially for those in southern Maine in and around Portland, such as South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Saco, Gorham, Westbrook, Falmouth, Cumberland, Yarmouth, Gray and the general greater Portland area. We offer monthly and seasonal rates as well as discounted annual contracts.

You can find out more at or feel free to contact us directly 207-233-9970 to discuss availability and rates.

We have nearly 15 years now in the professional vehicle storage business and we really enjoy serving our customers in this convenient business that provides hundreds of customers peace of mind about some of their favorite vehicles! And because of our growth, we have added more space in our new facility for hundreds of more cars as well. People want to not have to worry about their special vehicles — leave the worrying to us! PS… We don’t really worry because we love doing this!

Our huge new facility for both indoor heated boat storage and indoor heated indoor RV & camper storage… we’re even considering offering battleship storage as well!!! Conveniently located right next door to Portland Motor Club. More details at


Yes, we definitely have room for your boat, RV, camper or trailer!!! 100 of them if you have that many! More details at


Barb wire fenced, paved, lit and surveilled outdoor storage right in Portland, Maine at

* Sorry, no motorcycles — just too unwieldy for us to be moving around

Auto Battery Care Storage Solutions

Portland Motor Club Battery Care Storage Solutions — Part 1

Portland Motor Club Battery Care Storage Solutions — Part 2

Heated Winter Car Storage – Sorry, Car Snuggie* not provided

We do want your car to be cozy while it hibernates away the cold and salty Maine winter months in our climate-controlled, heated, secure facility; but, no, we do not provide Car Snuggies. We get asked that question again and again; and we know that you want the best for your car but 60+ degrees of radiant-heated polished concrete gently warming your car’s underbelly is perfect for our vehicular winter guests. Since we do offer trickle charging, you could think of the battery as a lead-lined plastic encased Snuggie for its electrons, if you squint? Of course, you can provide your own Car Snuggie if you wish. We have nothing against Snuggies in general but we do not provide that service.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, you should know that we are still accepting cars for the winter 2012-2013 storage season. If you have not visited here before, please take the less-than-five minutes to see our video on our homepage so you can get a feel for the place. But realize that the video is targeted to the potential member.

You do NOT have to be a member here at Portland Motor Club to be able to store your car for the winter or any other time (we have military contractors and service men and women as well as world travelers storing their cars with us for sometimes years at a time!). Members have access to their cars to be able to take them in and out as they wish and to use our facility including our lounge and onsite detailing center Portland Detailing ( but if you want to put your car up for the winter, you can just pay for straight winter storage. We have plans for the number of months that you want to store the car. The monthly rate goes down with length of stay.

We expect that we will be pretty darned full this winter so you might want to contact us sooner than later. As you can see from the accompanying photo, we were very busy in a very quiet kind of way last winter! Please call Kal Rogers at Portland Motor Club at 207-775-1770 or email to make a reservation or to get more information.

Professional heated winter car storage at the Portland Motor Club in Maine… Sorry, no Car Snuggies!

* As I thought about what there really is to say about properly storing your car worth storing properly, it occurred to me that there isn’t really all that much to say. There are websites out there with a laundry list of things to do to prepare your car for the winter which could take you all winter to accomplish. We find that it’s really pretty straightforward here at Portland Motor Club: we store cars in a dry 60+ degrees with a trickle charger on them and they come out several to many months later none the worse for wear. So, what else is there to talk about but Car Snuggies (even though we don’t provide them)!?!… Kal

The Winter 2010/11 “Collection” at Portland Motor Club

Nice to see what the cold and messy weather attracts to our fine storage facility each winter. It may look full — and the ground floor is — but there’s plenty of room on the mezzanine! Let us take professional care of your special vehicles with daily monitoring, trickle charging, special care requests, whatever it takes!

As much as Portland Motor Club is set up for year-round membership, we also provide seasonal and short-term storage — even when you’re going on vacation or on a business trip! Why not have us detail your car while you’re away at our truly outstanding auto reconditioning facility ( and pay only $10 per day for professional, heated storage. We’re only about 10 minutes from the airport so you can grab a cab or we might even be able to help get you over there and back (depending on availability and timing).

We’re here and happy to help you take care of your car — it’s what we do!


Portland Motor Club was designed as a “good home for good cars”, a place where cars live most of the time unless they’re out for a drive or a season. However, while we search for all those vehicles to find their permanent homes (there are 140 spaces, afterall!), we can offer seasonal storage which, for the most part in Maine, means WINTER STORAGE. Although our winter storage plan does not come with the kind of access our members enjoy year-round, winter-stored cars do enjoy heated, climate- and humidity-controlled accommodations with advanced security and monitoring systems to protect them. Check around — a lot of winter storage is vastly inferior with crowded conditions (leading to dings and dents), free-range critters gnawing on wires (we hear it all the time), and condensation occurring from cold floors and warmer air (a death-sentence for the integrity of metal). You might save a few hundred dollars by storing your car in a chicken barn or jammed into the corner of a warehouse, but the risks and costs associated with cutting corners can often come back and bite you in the bumper! We’re just saying… we were built to take the very best care of your very best car. We are still accepting month-to-month or over-winter storage. Please call Portland Motor Club about securely storing your vehicle with us this winter. 207-775-1770.