Video Link for Bill Green’s Maine’s visit to Portland Motor Club

Bill Green's Maine's visit to Portland Motor Club

If you missed it on the news this week, here it is… the link to the short video tour Bill Green did here at Portland Motor Club ( and Portland Detailing ( for his Bill Green’s Maine show. The place looks great on the teevee — the television camera seems to add about 10 cars to the place! See our Winter 2011 “Collection”!

Glad we could get Bill Green out of the “Green (White) Outdoors” and into our “Green Indoors” here at Portland Motor Club — in fact, it is actually quite a “green” facility with radiant heat floors and all new insulation in the walls and roof. It comes from a combination of sensitivity to the environmental impact as well as good business sense — if you’re going to keep the cars at 60 degrees through the winter and reasonably cool in the summer, it had better be as green as you can get it!

Bill Green’s Maine’s Bill Green visits “The Great Indoors”

Who is this man and why were we very happy to have a visit from him at Portland Motor Club this week?!? Why it’s Bill Green, of course, of Bill Green’s Maine and he took a break from “The Great Outdoors” to seek refuge with the cars that have sought refuge here at Portland Motor Club. He wanted to see how the other half (pampered cars) lived and we were happy to show him. It was a very enjoyable visit — he’s a great guy and a lot of fun to be with. It was probably a nice break from wading in nearly frozen streams checking for salmon eggs or something like that.

Our Portland Motor Club segment will run this coming Monday, JAN 31 on WCSH Channel 6 in Portland and WLBZ Channel 2 in Bangor sometime during the local evening news. Then it will run on the same stations again during next week’s Bill Green’s Maine on Saturday, FEB 5 at 7pm.

He had a chance to visit with a couple of our members and with owner Bill Waldron as well as with Facility Manager Jason Michel and Membership Director Kal Rogers. Bill talked about his vision for Portland Motor Club, his Mopar collection and his excitement about owning a Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep dealership at Southern Maine Motors ( Jason talked about winter car care and our Portland Detailing operation (; while Kal mentioned Portland Motor Club’s plans to offer classic and sports car rentals starting this spring. Our visiting members talked about having a safe and professional facility to house their special vehicles and about their enthusiasm for owning a car that thrilled them.

We hope you’ll be watching. Please help spread the word via email or FaceBook or Twitter. We should be able to put a link to the segment once it runs. Please let us know what you thought of the segment.